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Dimitra Nasiou About Me

Hi, and welcome to my blog!

I am Demi, and I am so glad to see you here!

I use cosmetics that are not tested on animals, I am a vegetarian, and I love traveling.

Thank you for checking my personal information page. I appreciate your attention to me personally, not just to my posts and the information I share.

I completely believe that diet is the key to a healthy life and that it determines 85% of our health.

Not only that, but I also believe in exercise and that yoga is one of the best ways to stay fit, calm, and toned.

I love the constant challenge and calm, strength, relaxation, and flexibility that yoga presents, and that it allows us to see our progress in real-time.

I have always been enthusiastic about health and wellness. The more I learned, the more I wanted to share that knowledge with others.

Starting a new website

Starting a health, fitness, herbal remedies, and wellness blog seemed the best choice for me, so that is what I did!

Nowadays, the internet is full of advice when it comes to diet, weight loss, natural remedies, and exercise.

However, most bloggers are very enthusiastic about creating articles but are often close-minded about their beliefs.

For many years, I had the time to learn so many things about a healthy diet and exercise.

However, the ever-growing problem in the health, weight loss, and wellness industry is that the average dieter tries 4-5 diets per year.

The results are that less than 1% of those people who follow nonspecific diets are successful in their long-term weight loss goals.

I love to do my research and from my personal experience, there are so many myths and outright lies that confuse many people.

Dimitra Nasiou

One of these myths is that people can never be healthy and should just “accept” being overweight, sick, and tired of trying.

Furthermore, there are so many “healthy” recipes out there to make you feel better about yourself for eating unhealthy food.

Many articles may just confuse people more than they are helping.

People, in general, can be confused about how to lose weight or live a healthy life, yet there is more information out there than ever before.

That is how “In Healthy Body” was born!

Goals You Can Achieve

Goal #1: Make healthy diet changes.

Our diet determines most of our health and well-being.

For example, when people have a medical issue like eczema, acne, or dry skin, they usually try to change their moisturizer to solve the problem. While most moisturizers are great, this is still the wrong mentality to solving a skin problem.

The right question one should ask first, is, “WHY do I have acne or dry skin?

One answer could be that your skin is dry because you are not drinking enough water a day to moisturizing it.

Did you ever think that those persistent headaches you get are not just random?

Have you ever wondered if some food or drink choices may cause headaches or other skin and body problems?

These are just two of so many examples of why you might suffer from a body or skin problem.

Hippocrates said:

“Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Of course, food cannot cure everything, but you would be surprised by how many health problems people currently have and how their diet affects or sometimes causes them.

Your health, wellness, weight loss, and beauty should not be a never-ending cycle to cover things up.

If you eat healthily on the inside, your body and skin will radiate it on the outside.

Goal #2: Try quality over quantity.

When you focus on eating high-quality, nutritious foods, your calories become almost automatic.
It is not always about the calories, but what each of those calories are doing for you!

What you eat should be determined by your individual goals, tolerances, and willpower.

Dimitra photo

How you eat should depend on your individual goals.

Nonetheless, what we eat should be determined by our health needs and problems.

With “In Healthy Body“, you will have a deep dive into a healthy diet, fitness, and especially my beloved yoga. It will try to help you in your beautiful journey to being healthy.

Final Thoughts About me

So, I plan to share helpful articles for wellness, healthy eating, detox or weight loss smoothie recipes, fitness, and herbal remedies that I make every day.

I have already created a Pinterest page which you can find below. I am also planning to create a Facebook page and, in the future, a YouTube channel.

👉 Pinterest page: In Healthy Body
👉 Facebook page: In Healthy Body
👉 YouTube: @inhealthybody

So, stay tuned to my blog and find the answers you need for a healthy body and life!

I wish you a beautiful day and a happy life!

Demi Nasiou