Celery Juice for Weight Loss – 10 Powerful Benefits You Need to Know

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Many people drink celery juice for weight loss.

However, few know that drinking this juice for just seven days has many other beneficial results.

Millions of people worldwide suffer from stomach and intestinal problems.

These problems can be gastrointestinal, esophageal reflux, spastic colitis, heartburn, constipation, or diarrhea.

Usually, we add celery to foods such as bean or vegetable soup.


But, you do not know the crucial benefits that celery juice offers to our bodies and organs.

It is one of the healthiest juices globally due to its essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It also works as a powerful herbal medicine, killing viruses and germs in our bodies.

Celery juice for weight loss and other benefits

In today’s article, you will discover what will happen to the body if you drink one glass of celery juice for seven days.

Also, how it can help with weight loss, stomach and intestinal problems, liver, bones, anemia, insomnia, depression, kidney stones, and the prevention or better treatment of cancer.

#1 Celery juice for weight loss and body detoxification

Celery contains essential antioxidants that remove toxins from our bodies, cleansing them. (1)

But it is also an excellent diuretic.

Celery juice in the morning on an empty stomach will help you lose weight, especially fat.

It also helps regulate the body’s metabolic processes, eliminating excess fat. (2)

#2 Improves the digestive and intestinal system

When you add celery to a smoothie, certain nutrients remain in its fiber.

These ingredients can help prevent intestinal problems by soothing the digestive system and reducing inflammation.

Celery is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, such as iron.

Thus, it is a beneficial natural tonic for our liver because it contains alkaline and detoxifying properties. These properties can reduce the accumulation of fat in the liver. (3)

#3 Helps protect the liver

A study from the University of Colorado confirms that the antioxidants in celery can protect the liver. (4)

It contains a natural antioxidant that can protect our bodies from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. (5)

#4 Strengths and regenerates bone density

Celery juice also helps our bones become stronger. (6)

Still, many people ignore the health of their bones, gradually leading to many unpleasant consequences.

Celery contains calcium and silicon, necessary for regenerating and strengthening damaged bones. In addition, it possesses vitamin K, which contributes to bone metabolism, protecting against osteoporosis. (7)

#5 Celery juice lowers cholesterol levels

Although there are a few natural ways to lower cholesterol, celery juice is a good one.

Celery juice lowers cholesterol levels

It contains significant fiber, which removes excess cholesterol compounds. (8)

In a study conducted by the University of Chicago, celery juice contains a chemical that can reduce “bad” LDL cholesterol levels by 7%! (9)

To get this fantastic result, all we need is to drink the juice from two celery stalks.

#6 Helps treat rheumatism and arthritis

Celery juice helps cleanse the blood and improves its flow while balancing glucose levels. (10)

Vitamins A and C that celery contains help with rheumatism, pain, and arthritis. (11)

Celery also contains iron and magnesium that rebuild red blood cells and protect against anemia. (12)

Folic acid and celery’s additional antioxidant components help improve blood quality. It also supplies the body’s cells with the necessary oxygen. (13)

#7 Protects against cancer

A glass of celery juice daily for seven days can protect our bodies from cancer.

It contains the antioxidant flavonoid apigenin, which studies have shown to reduce or inhibit the onset, metastasis, and progression of cancerous tumors. (14)

Research has also shown that this antioxidant inhibits new blood vessels that nourish and multiply tumors. Additionally, it prevents cancer cells from invading healthy tissues and breaking them down. (15)

#8 Improves sleep quality and helps with insomnia

Another essential reason to drink celery juice is its help in insomnia. (16)

Insomnia is a problem that many people face daily.

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If you have tried various insomnia solutions that did not help you, it is time to try celery juice. It contains a significant amount of magnesium, which calms the nerves and relaxes the muscles, bringing (almost immediately) drowsiness. (17)

#9 Helps relieve stress and depression

A glass of celery juice for seven days will help deal with and remove stress and depression naturally.

Celery contains all the vitamins and minerals that our nervous system needs.

Also, celery contains several minerals that positively affect the nervous system. (18)

Minerals make us feel more relaxed and raise our mood.

The juice may gradually improve and remove anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. (19)

#10 Celery juice prevents the formation of kidney stones

Celery juice consumption can help prevent the formation of kidney stones. (20)

According to the American Kidney Foundation, sometimes, we have too much waste and not enough fluid in our blood. This waste can accumulate and stick together in our kidneys, creating so-called “stones.” (21)

Usually, mainly when constantly growing, kidney stones can become painful.

It may even require medical intervention, something we can avoid by drinking celery juice.

How to prepare celery juice for weight loss

To prepare celery juice for weight loss and other benefits, you need to wash a bunch well. Then, pour it into a juicer and drink its juice. So simple!

You can also put the celery in a blender.

Here, however, you must chop it first and use the blender’s highest speed until it is smooth. Then, you drain its juice and drink on an empty stomach in the morning.

The above way is ideal for drinking celery juice for weight loss.

Final notes on celery juice for weight loss

Although celery is an extremely healthy and natural food, it is best to ask your doctor or pharmacist before consuming it. Specifically, speak to your doctor if you take any medication or have health problems.

Celery juice is a great and natural way to improve and prevent various health conditions.

If you drink it daily for seven days in a row, you will reap its multiple benefits in your body and skin.

Did you know how to drink celery juice for weight loss and other benefits?

Did you know how celery juice can help treat and prevent many health and weight problems? Have you ever tried drinking its juice to benefit from them?

Please leave your comments below!

I wish you to be always well! 🙂

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