The Best Fat Burning Drink Before Bed (Easy & Quick)

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An excellent solution for healthy weight loss is a fat burning drink before bed.

Nowadays, especially after the global quarantine, weight loss and fat burning occupy the most significant percentage of women and men.

Weight loss will be less significant for our appearance than for our health.

It is now increasingly difficult for the scales to point downwards rather than upwards.

Especially when it is winter and the outside temperature drops, our bodies need calories not to get cold.


Our brain then “commands” us to consume a high-calorie food, snack, or drink.

In addition, in winter, especially when there is cold and rain, we cannot be as active as we want.

We are reducing our physical activity and movement.

But we all want to look elegant and slim and avoid adding extra weight, especially fat.

We can make some simple but targeted moves to help our weight and fat loss goals.

Unfortunately, the problem of obesity is getting growing, especially in the United States, European Union, and Asia, as strange as it may seem to you.

Let’s be honest!

Weight gain concerns us all and may be followed by fatigue, constant tiredness, depression, heart diseases, and more.

Significantly when body fat also increases the problem of diabetes and other health issues.

The best fat burning drink before bed can help

In today’s article, you will discover an easy and quick way to lose weight and burn fat with two simple ingredients.

You can drink it for 15 days, take a short break of 15-20 days and start again (if desired).

You have these simple ingredients in your kitchen, or you can find them right away in an herb and spice store.

This drink can healthily reduce weight and body fat and increase metabolism. (1)

So, let’s see the ingredients you can use for this recipe and how to prepare it.


  • 250 grams of water
  • 1/2 teaspoon Ceylon cinnamon (2)
  • 1 teaspoon of good quality honey (3)

How to prepare it:

Boil the 250 gr. water and remove from heat, add the cinnamon and mix well. (4)
Let the drink cool for a while, add the honey, stir, and drink. (5)

Cinnamon should be powdered and not a stick.

Also, use Ceylon cinnamon. Cassia, which is Chinese cinnamon, contains 1% coumarin, while Ceylon contains only 0.004%.

What is the problem with coumarin?

Coumarin is a substance that can dilute blood.

Regular or increased intake of more than one teaspoon per day could risk some people’s health.

This is true for people with liver problems, taking anticoagulants, or people to undergo surgery.

Avoid cassia cinnamon or coumarin if such problems exist. Also, you better ask your doctor.

How cinnamon can help in weight and fat loss

Cinnamon has a regulatory effect on blood sugar levels and increases insulin levels in the body.

Cinnamon “mimics” the biological activity of insulin and increases glucose metabolism. Since high blood sugar levels can lead to increased fat storage in the body, cinnamon helps prevent this increased fat storage and helps us lose weight.

In addition, it affects the way our bodies metabolize sugar and prevent its conversion into fat.

Cinnamon also delays the passage of food from the stomach to the intestine.

Therefore, we feel full for a more extended period and eat less.

This eating pattern helps us lose weight and especially fat.

Cinnamon also helps our bodies process carbohydrates more efficiently and allows us to lose weight.

Studies show that belly fat is more sensitive to cinnamon’s effects than fat from other parts of the body.

How honey can help in weight and fat loss

In a scientific study, they gave honey to overweight patients, directly helping the weight loss.

At the same time, honey prevents further weight gain while protecting against cardiovascular disease, as it dissolves fat cells and lowers cholesterol.

Honey is an excellent complete food that can help you lose weight, providing the sweetness you want with the nutrients you need.

Besides nutrients, honey also provides us with the energy we need to exercise more and for longer. This way, it helps our bodies burn fat and gradually lose weight.

How glycemic index of foods works

Food’s glycemic index (GI) can indicate how good food could be in a weight loss program.

Also, food with a glycemic index above 55 is considered bad for weight loss, as it increases the actual sugar levels and create more hunger.

Honey has a GI rating of 55, meaning it can be a good source of fast energy, but only if you burn calories quickly.

Many people feel that they are running out of energy during a weight loss program.

But honey contains simple sugars. So, the body can use honey to give us an extra boost when exhausted.

Nutritionists call the table sugar calories “empty calories” because there are no other nutrients in the sugar.

On the other hand, honey can provide the sweetness we crave and some of our bodies’ essential nutrients.

Honey is suitable for any beverage or tea, such as All Day Slimming Tea. This combination is a strong tea to support healthy weight loss & detox, digestion, and better sleep.

All Day Slimming Tea-ws

How to get the best results from this fat burning drink before bed

Cinnamon and honey are two simple but powerful foods to create this fat burning drink before bed.

To the correct use and get the best results of this beverage, it is best to follow the recipe below. Then, prepare and drink it just before bed so that it helps to reduce weight during the night.

Prepare another same cup of it when you wake up and drink at least an hour before your breakfast.

I always prepare it fresh to be at the right temperature, i.e., lukewarm. However, you can prepare a double-dose recipe and drink it twice a day.

Here, you drink half of the dose in the evening and a half in the morning.

You may add honey just before you are drinking it.

In a few days of consuming it, you may notice positive results in weight loss and fat burning.

You should stop drinking for at least 15 days and continue the same pattern all over again.

You can have even better results if you follow a healthy diet like Keto Diet or a Smoothie Diet.

A final thought about the fat burning drink before bed

The beverage I mentioned will actively help slim and fat burn during the night and day.

Additionally, it will strengthen and increase metabolism, immune system, and general health.

However, it is advisable to consult your doctor before consuming this drink.

Specifically, please speak to your doctor if you take any medication or have health problems.

Have you ever tried this fat burning drink before bed?

Have you ever tried this fat burning drink before bed how I discussed? Did you know that it can help with weight and fat loss healthily?

Please leave your comments below!

I wish best of luck with your goals and always be well! 🙂

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