How To Lose Belly Fat In 1 Day Without Exercise & Healthily

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To lose belly fat in 1 day without exercise and healthily, look no further!

Last winter, I noticed some bloating and belly fat due to the many hours working for my website and channel.

Although I always pay attention to my everyday diet and exercise, usually yoga, walking, or swimming.

So, I looked for some healthy solutions to lose belly fat as soon as possible.


Then, I found an article for a fast and healthy liquid diet to make in only one day.

These healthy drinks diet had great results for me, and I will talk to you in today’s article about this fast diet.

How to lose belly fat without exercise – Basics

First, let me tell you that I have been following this diet as it is for once a month for three months.

It does excellent body detoxification, and you can do it not only to lose belly fat but also for deep body cleansing.

Also, it does not matter if you have a few or many extra pounds in the abdomen or in general. You can follow this diet even if you need to cleanse your body from toxins.

Sometimes, belly-bloating can be due to poor nutrition, intestinal problems, or menstrual cycle (for us women).

However, do not expect to cleanse all the toxins from the body from one use of this diet, especially if body toxins have accumulated over the years.

But it is a good start for losing belly fat.

Many of you will find it challenging to do this diet, but it works as I will describe below.

There should be no beverage changes and no snacking in between the drinks. However, you can drink as many glasses of water as you want within the day.

Belly fat is not only an aesthetic issue

The problem with belly fat is not just aesthetic.

Because when there is significant fat, especially in the belly area, health issues can also arise. (1)

Because this area is the most challenging part of the body for weight loss, and if we do not care about it, many problems may occur.

Fat may be stored under our skin, but it may be held around our internal organs. Such organs are, for example, the liver, lungs, and heart. (2)

In addition, too much body fat can cause high blood pressure, heart issues, and cancer. (3)

How do you know if you have excess belly fat?

Take a measuring tape and wrap it around your waist.

Ensure you are upright and not sitting. This way, it will be easier and more accurate to measure if you start and finish at the navel point.

Now, you are fine if you are a woman and your waist circumference is less than 35 inches. However, if it is over 35 inches, you should find natural ways to reduce it with a healthy diet and exercise. (4)

You are also okay if you are a man and your waist circumference is below 40 inches.

However, if it is more than 40 inches, it should concern you, and this drinks diet will be a good method.

The two shape body types

There are five body shape types, but the most common are two: the pear and the apple type. (5)

The pear type’s hips and thighs are more significant than the waistline. While in the apple type, the trunk is more rounded and fat is concentrated more in the abdomen and stomach.

But the pear type is preferable to the apple type.

Why is that?

The apple type shows that you have more visceral fat, i.e., belly fat, which is unhealthier. But an apple body type is more prone to developing coronary heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

If the measurement shows you have more belly fat than usual, even if you generally do not have extra pounds, perhaps find natural ways to get rid of it.

Do not be disappointed, though!

Because you will be amazed at how much you can do in one day to gradually help your body get rid of this fat.

All Day Slimming Tea

So, to know how to lose belly fat in 1 day without exercise, look no further.

But, if you have also tried difficult diets and you are disappointed, this one will help you lose some of the extra weight and burn calories.

It will also be significant body detoxification.

How to do this excellent diet to lose belly fat

This diet includes only water, juices, and teas; it is popular among vegetarians like me.

It works by thoroughly detoxifying, cleansing the body of harmful substances very quickly, and reducing belly fat.

Choosing the right drink and controlling the amount you drink can help curb your appetite. In addition, this drink choice will significantly reduce the calories you consume in your day or week.

You can apply this diet whenever you deem it necessary for weight loss or healthy body detoxification.

Now, how to do it?

Start in the morning, at 8 a.m., or whenever you wake up, but not beyond 9 a.m.

First, drink a glass of water with a squeezed lemon at room temperature.

After 2 hours, at 10 a.m., drink another glass of water and a glass of fresh apple or orange juice.

2 hours later, at 12 p.m., drink a cup of green tea, warm or cold, with ice cubes.

After another 1 hour, at 1 p.m., drink a glass of carrot juice. Put one carrot and one glass of water in a blender to create a smoothie.

After 2 hours, at 3 p.m., drink a cup of your favorite tea. The best teas for belly fat and weight loss are ginger tea, green tea, and Louisa.

To make these herbal teas, put hot water in a cup with one teaspoon of the herb. Wait for about 4-5 minutes, strain in another cup, and drink.

Louisa (Lemon Verbena) is an excellent herb with a solid diuretic action that will make you lose fluids stored in fatty tissue. (6) It is famous for its relaxing properties, and we can use it for digestive problems, such as indigestion, bloating, and constipation. (7)

After another 2 hours, at 5 p.m., drink one glass of your favorite fresh juice, whichever you prefer.

After the next 2 hours, at 7 p.m., drink a cup of green tea.

Two hours later, at 9 p.m., drink a glass of water with a squeezed grapefruit inside.

You have almost finished!

Finally, after another hour, at 10 p.m., finish the diet as you started it. That is, drinking a glass of lukewarm water with one squeezed lemon.

Final thoughts on how to lose belly fat in 1 day without exercise

The most important thing to be careful of is not adding sweeteners to drinks and juices.

It may seem unbelievable, but the next day, you will notice a big difference in belly weight and body.

Additionally, your body will get rid of many harmful toxins.

So, do not wait!

Get the ingredients you need from an herbal and grocery store and start this diet tomorrow.

Juicer for smoothies

However, please ask your doctor before trying this beverage diet, especially if you take any medication or have health issues. Also, some of these drinks have strong diuretic properties, and you must be careful if you have blood pressure issues.

The above diet drinks will significantly help your healthy weight and fat loss goals.

In addition, they can keep you full for longer hours in the day while improving health, detoxification, and aiding body hydration.

With this excellent and healthy one-day diet, you may see a significant improvement in belly and body fat, as well as your body detoxification.

Did you know how to lose belly fat in 1 day without exercise?

Did you know how to lose belly fat in 1 day without exercise by drinking the above specific beverages? Have you ever tried this one-day diet?

Please leave your comment below the article.

I wish you good luck with your goals and a beautiful and healthy body! 🙂

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