A Juice for High Blood Pressure Treatment (Really Simple)!

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A natural drink for high blood pressure treatment can become one of your best diet choices.

Diet choices that prevent or benefit whole body arteries’ health.

High blood pressure and diabetes are two of the most critical health issues concerning increasing numbers of people.

Additionally, cholesterol and clogged arteries affect millions of people worldwide. (1)

This issue justifiably worries most people, as they are severe conditions that can cause many other health problems overall.

Problems that occur gradually and do not concern only vital organs such as the heart and brain. In fact, they affect the total arteries system that exists in our bodies.

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High blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and clogged arteries are significant health issues.

They are crucial health situations you should never overlook.

If not corrected immediately, through pharmaceutical or natural methods, it can increase essential organ issues over time.

One glass of juice for high blood pressure treatment and clogged arteries

In today’s article, you read about a natural and effective juice for high blood pressure treatment, and not only.

This drink can prevent or improve clogged arteries, cholesterol, or high blood pressure issues.

You may think that you are eating well, exercising, and sleeping properly during your daily routine. Therefore, you may believe that you will have no arteries, hypertension, or cholesterol problems.

These are great and vital habits you take care of in your daily life for good health apply.

However, you may not consider a critical and insidious factor: Stress.

Stress and its role in the arteries and high blood pressure

Especially recently, when faced with financial and health issues, stress has invaded our lives.

Daily stress can directly increase our blood pressure and cholesterol; it can further create severe issues in the arteries and their proper function. (2)

Add to these factors smoking, alcohol, soft drinks, sugar, and all, in general, the aggravating factors of our daily lives.

Then, you can understand that it takes effort to avoid health problems in general.
When specific factors appear, we should correct them rapidly!

Such unhealthy factors are:

  • High levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol
  • Insulin resistance
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor nutrition
  • A combination of them

Regarding exercise, you can start with a simple aerobic practice for 20-30 minutes each day.

Such exercises are walking, running, swimming, yoga, and cycling.

Although they are considered simple, they can make a vital difference in our health.

For example, aerobic exercises can increase the heart rate, doing wonders for our bodies.

Yoga and its role in high blood pressure

In particular, yoga can be one of the most beneficial exercises for high blood pressure treatment and heart health.

Yoga Asanas, breathing exercises, and meditation proved that they could be valuable tools, especially in caring for those with high blood pressure or a tendency to develop it.

Many studies showed that yoga could lead to significant reductions in blood pressure. It is due to its ability to relieve stress, which involves the development of the disorder. (3)

Even if you are a fan of intense activities, this does not mean you cannot continue to enjoy your favorite vinyasa lesson.

You can alternate the days of intense practice with other milder ones. For example, you can do yoga exercises at least once a week for 5-20 minutes.

In this way, you develop the ability to relax the tension and calm your breath and mind.

Although yoga is not typically an aerobic exercise, it is considered an activity offering a profound cardiovascular effect.

One of the main reasons yoga is good for our hearts is that it can work wonders for people with high-stress levels. Stress plays a critical role in heart diseases and attacks.

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What you may improve for high blood pressure treatment and arterial health

Try to eliminate trans fats and sugar from your daily diet.

These two harmful foods cause arteries, cholesterol levels, diabetes, and blood pressure problems.

If you stick to a healthy daily routine combined with the juice mentioned below, you may prevent or correct these health issues.

The foods that also significantly affect the arteries and body’s good condition, generally, are:

  • Fried foods
  • Processed or packaged foods
  • Alcohol and soda drinks
  • Sweets
  • Butter
  • Trans fats
  • Margarine

The natural juice ingredients for arteries and high blood pressure

#1 Lemon

The first ingredient in this natural juice is lemon.

You all know its excellent benefits, at least some of them.

Lemon is one of the most beneficial and nutritious foods in the world. Especially when it comes to clogged arteries, cholesterol, and high blood pressure. (4)

Lemon also helps:

  • Cleanse and brighten our skin
  • In better liver function and detoxification
  • The vitamin C it contains can lower cholesterol levels
  • Helps fight obesity and fat cells
  • Actively detoxifies the body

#2 Garlic

Our second ingredient is garlic, considered the king of foods.

Particularly for its effectiveness in lowering cholesterol due to the critical antioxidants it contains. (5)

Garlic protects our arteries, tissues, and blood vessels from oxidation. (6)

Additionally, it protects our cells by removing harmful free radicals.

Garlic could effectively reduce high blood pressure levels. (7)

It also boasts anti-inflammatory properties and is one of the primary and most potent therapeutic foods for clogged arteries.

How to prepare the juice for clogged arteries and hypertension

To prepare this juice, put three lemons in a blender without their skin with 15 individual garlic cloves.

The garlic cloves will be peeled and lightly pressed.

You will also add a little water to the blender to mix the two foods nicely.

Then put the mixture in a small saucepan with one and a half to two liters of good quality water. Heat for 6-7 minutes, but do not let it start boiling.

You can then add a little honey or organic stevia to the drink if you want it to be sweeter without having such a pungent taste.

Then drain it into a glass bottle or jug with a lid.

Lemon and Garlic for High Blood Pressure

Leave the bottle in a cool place for about an hour to cool. Then, put it in the refrigerator. Or, divide into small glass bottles and then put them in the fridge.

Drink a glass of 250 grams cold or hot every morning on an empty stomach for about three weeks. Then, we take a 10-15 days break, and we can repeat the same pattern.

Last notes for high blood pressure treatment

This juice amount will not arrive for all three weeks.

However, you can prepare the same or the corresponding amount needed proportionally for the remaining days.

So, all the vital nutrients of the drink remain unchanged.

The following juice is an entirely natural and healthy drink aiding in better health. (8)

Its properties will help significantly prevent clogged arteries and high blood pressure or in their better treatment.

However, first ask your doctor before consuming it, especially if you have health problems or are taking any medication.

Stop drinking it if you feel dizzy or discomfort in the chest or heart after consuming this juice.

Did you know about this juice for high blood pressure treatment?

Did you know about the above natural juice to prevent and improve clogged arteries and high blood pressure? Have you tried any similar drink so far, and what results have you had?

Please leave your comments below the article.

I wish you to be always well! 🙂

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