5 Most Unhealthy Foods You Should Avoid Eating – Surprising

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If your goal is a healthy diet and life, you may not know that there are 5 most unhealthy foods you should avoid eating because they can undermine your body and health.

By reading this article today, you may change your mind about these “healthy” foods.

By constantly promoting what we need to eat, we often ignore the foods that are included in our daily diet while being real “food bombs”.

It is difficult to avoid them because they are not only tasty but also addictive.


This does not mean you should be deprived of all the delicious taste of food.

However, there are many alternative foods you can choose from that are delicious and will not endanger your health.

When there are so many attractive ads, millions of products, and ongoing health science research, making the right choice in healthy eating can be difficult.

I’m sure many people do not know how harmful certain foods can be to their health.

There are others who, while aware, continue to eat these foods.

Ignoring the possibility of future unpleasant consequences and dangers in their body.

It does not matter; everyone makes their own choices!

When we rarely eat certain dangerous foods, we are naturally less likely to cause us health problems.

So, there are five which are among the most harmful foods that people continue to eat.

Maybe because they taste great, even though they are harmful to the body and organism.

The 5 most unhealthy foods to avoid eating

Today’s article is for those who simply do not know how unhealthy these five foods are and why they are considered one of the most dangerous foods consumed by people around the world.

Discover these 5 most unhealthy and processed foods so that you can make better food choices every day.

#1 Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are very popular in the United States and many other parts of the world.

In recent years, however, many people prefer them worldwide, especially children and adolescents.

Believe it or not, hot dogs can be deadly! (1)

Even if you ignore the dubious ingredients found in most brands, hot dogs are known as one of the top choking hazards in many hospitals.

According to Johns Hopkins University, it is the number one cause of drowning injuries in the United States in children under the age of three. (2)

A University of Michigan study published in the journal Nature looked at 5,853 foods and measured how they affect healthy life expectancy. (3)

The scientists came up with an indicator that measures how much a food benefits or harms our health, based on the minutes of healthy living that the consumption of a portion of it adds or subtracts. (4)

It is based on the “Global Burden of Disease” study, which measures mortality related to one’s dietary choices.

For example, 0.45 minutes are lost for every gram of processed meat, or 0.1 minutes are gained for every gram of fruit.

One of the foods examined was hot dogs.

It contains 61 grams of processed meat, and whoever consumes it loses 27 minutes of healthy life. When ingredients such as sodium and trans fats are also considered, a hot dog’s total “cost” is estimated at 36 minutes of healthy living.

#2 Raw shellfish (most unhealthy foods)

Uncooked or raw shellfish are particularly dangerous.

They can absorb a lot of germs, harmful bacteria, and marine toxins, which invade the shellfish from the growing water. (5)

They should ALWAYS be cooked and need much attention, especially raw oysters. These can cause one of the most common but deadly food allergies and poisonings. (6)

Many shellfish species contain bacteria such as E. coli, as well as microorganisms, which are destroyed during cooking. (7)

When the shellfish are cooked at the right temperature, they are unlikely to cause food poisoning.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with the toxins they contain.

Toxins are absorbed by algae, marine organisms, and the sea in general and are not neutralized by cooking, freezing, or even meticulous washing. (8)

#3 Raw meat and uncooked eggs

One of the most dangerous foods is also raw or undercooked meat.

This includes red meat, poultry, seafood, and uncooked eggs. (9)

All these foods can contain salmonella bacteria, which can cause gastroenteritis.

Particularly, salmonella poisoning can lead to serious complications, such as bacteremia. (10)

This happens when salmonella enters the bloodstream and is life-threatening, especially in people with weaker immune systems.

Also, avoid sources of raw eggs you do not think could cause serious health problems.

Such cases are, for example, mayonnaise, tiramisu, ice cream, icing, and some sauces, so the risk is reduced significantly. (11)

In addition, pay close attention to the raw egg recipes you make at home, even if they contain organic or farm eggs. The best thing you can do before each recipe is to pasteurize the eggs yourself.

You can put the eggs in a pot of water in the oven at 129.2 °F (54 °C) for 45 minutes.

You can also find online ways to pasteurize eggs to ensure their hygiene, but much more to avoid unpleasant health conditions.

#4 Sushi

It is the most popular dish in Japan, but it has also become popular worldwide in recent years, gaining more and more popularity.

Many people now consume oriental recipes and delicacies with various raw, smoked, or marinated fish.

Many doctors and hospitals, however, are seeing an increase in parasitic infections due to sushi.

5 foods to avoid eating - Sushi

According to a report in the Guardian journal, a team of doctors at a hospital in Portugal was trying to find the cause of a 32-year-old patient with a lot of abdominal pain, vomiting, and a mild fever. (12)

His symptoms had been experienced for a week.

After detailed examinations, the endoscopic examination revealed there were larvae of a parasitic worm.

This infection is known as “Anisakiasis”. (13)

It is caused by eating raw or not very well-cooked fish or seafood that has become infected.

The patient then revealed to the doctors that he had recently eaten sushi.

Doctors report that:

“There is no effective drug treatment that can kill the larvae when consumed”

Here, surgery is necessary.

Anisakiasis can also cause peritonitis, severe allergic reaction, gastrointestinal bleeding, perforation of the stomach, and perforation or obstruction of the intestine. (14)

#5 Bagels

Their origin is from the Jewish communities of Poland.

However, they are also a trademark of New York, along with hot dogs.

These two are some of the most unhealthy foods you can eat.

They are essentially baked goods made with flour, yeast, and sugar and are created like a bun—a round bun with holes in the middle.

Many people start their day with bagels, which even contain cream cheese.

I do not doubt that they can be very tasty!

But you may be surprised to read it may not be a healthy choice, especially for breakfast.

They may even cause you much more harm than you think.

First, a medium bagel has about 250 to 350 calories, depending on what it contains. These calories are valid before additional fillings are added. (14)

This means that one bagel equals three slices of bread in calories!

Bagels and white flour

The most basic reason to avoid ready-made bagels is that they are made with white flour. This means they have a high content of refined carbohydrates. (15)

They contain no fiber, vitamins, or minerals and are essentially considered “empty calories”.

They also have a high glycemic index, leading to rapid increases in blood sugar and insulin levels after a meal. (16)

Refined foods with white flour have also been linked to weight gain, heart diseases, and type 2 diabetes. (17)

They are also considered responsible for causing cellulite.

Bagels and salt

Most people, however, do not know that bagels are one of the largest sources of salt.

Depending on their type, we can take up to 600 milligrams of sodium (mg). The 100 grams contain 439 mg, even before adding cream cheese. (18)

In the worst case, they may contain brominated flour, which is ideal for a quick recipe.

Some companies used them to reduce cooking time and production costs.

However, they are associated with problems with the kidneys, nervous system, and other serious diseases. Typically, they have been banned in some European countries, Canada, and China. (19)

Avoid bagels and make healthier choices in a smart way

If you like it a lot and do not want to be deprived of these sweets, it is better to prepare your bagels. Use a recipe from 100% whole grains and organic ingredients.

This way you can enjoy them without fear of future health problems.

We can always make healthy choices that will keep our bodies and health in good condition.

You could also swap traditional bread and flour with healthy flour choices, preparing good quality bread.

You could try a better idea, like real bread, which is tastier and healthier. It is delicious, grain-free, rich in healthy fats, and exceptionally low in carbs.


Eat healthy and real bread and desserts!

Final thoughts about the 5 most unhealthy foods

The importance of a healthy diet cannot be underestimated.

Nowadays, obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and several other diseases are associated with a diet low in nutrients and rich in unhealthy fats and sugars.

The five foods I described above can become very dangerous for our body, skin, and overall health.

A poor choice at breakfast, or another meal, or snack of the day can increase the risk of inflammation and many possible health problems.

Did you know about these 5 most unhealthy foods?

Did you know about these five dangerous foods, and why is it so crucial to avoid them? Do you regularly prefer some of them, or do you already avoid them?

Please leave your important comment below.

I wish you the best of health!

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