1 Tablespoon For The Arteries To Prevent A Stroke – Important!

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Many healthy ways to help prevent a stroke include eating a healthy diet, avoiding smoking and too much alcohol, and regularly exercising.

A heart attack or a stroke can quickly happen when our arteries are not in good condition.

Health has a huge enemy called atherosclerosis!

Its effects can be severe and gradually lead to a stroke, heart attack, or even permanent health problems.


When the inner walls of healthy arteries are soft and clean, they facilitate the proper transport of blood that our body needs.

But many factors can cause artery problems, such as poor diet, smoking, obesity, stress, and diabetes.

What is cholesterol, and what is its purpose

Another essential factor is “bad” cholesterol (LDL).

Plant-origin foods do not contain cholesterol but only foods such as animal offal, eggs, red meat, seafood, and butter.

However, cholesterol is essential for our life.

Our bodies use it to repair the cell envelope (inner cell wall) and synthesize various hormones.

Nobody can survive without cholesterol.

But when fat creates cholesterol, it sticks to the arteries walls creating plaque. It acts like the plaque that the tubes catch and can slow down or block blood flow. (1)

This plaque blockage is atherosclerosis and can affect any artery in our bodies.

It is called coronary heart disease if the plaque affects the arteries that supply blood to the heart. (2)

A clot can form on the surface when plaque develops in the arteries. Then, it can lead to an artery blockage and eventually a heart attack or stroke.

Essential foods to prevent a stroke or a heart attack

Nowadays, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide! (3)

They kill more people than the other death causes combined. Unlike the older years, many people are young and die suddenly.

But some crucial foods can gradually clear the arteries from plaque and help prevent a stroke. Thus, preventing the formation of clots and their negative result, which is a stroke or heart attack.

Unfortunately, atherosclerosis is a silent disease because our arteries become too narrow to circulate blood properly. (4)

In this way, it creates significant heart problems, which show a heart attack or brain issues that display the stroke.

However, many healthy foods can clear our arteries and prevent a stroke or heart attack. Countless studies and research have scientifically proved these foods for their arteries benefits.

In today’s article, you will discover how you can effectively clean the arteries and prevent a stroke or heart attack by drinking one tablespoon of the mixture of two such foods.

The two foods that will prevent a stroke or heart attack

Let us discover, in detail, these food’s benefits and how they can help clean our arteries.

Also, discover how we can combine them to positively change our arteries and blood vessels’ condition.

#1 Lemon

Lemon contains significant amounts of flavonoids, which can successfully fight free radicals. (5)

Free radicals are incredibly destructive to our bodies.

Lemons also have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer effects. (6)

At the same time, they significantly help in the fight against obesity.

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Obesity, in turn, can cause diabetes and many heart and arteries problems due to inflammation. (7)

Lemons help metabolize lipids in the blood, lowering bad cholesterol and removing existing ones. (8)

At the same time, they increase good cholesterol levels and remove the destructive toxins that have accumulated in our bodies. (9)

#2 Olive oil

Olive oil offers our bodies endless benefits.

Its benefits are crucial to our health and a healthy weight and fat loss. (10)

A study of over 7,000 Spanish students found that olive oil was not associated with weight gain. (11)

The link between olive oil and the avoidance of stroke or heart attack risk has been studied extensively.

Researchers published a review of various studies conducted on 841,211 people.

The studies found that olive oil is the only source of monounsaturated fats associated with a significantly reduced risk of stroke and heart disease. (12)

Research also showed that because it is a Mediterranean diet staple, it substantially reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke in those who include it in their daily eating habits. (13)

Olive oil reduces inflammation and protects “bad” cholesterol (LDL) from oxidation.

Olive oil improves the blood vessels’ inner surface, thus preventing excessive blood clotting.

It also lowers blood pressure, one of the most vital risk factors for heart disease and premature death. (14)

A study showed that regular consumption reduced the need for blood pressure medications by 48%! (15)

Olive oil also protects the endothelium, a membrane covering our blood vessels, arteries, and veins. The endothelium plays a dominant role in our cardiovascular system, regulating blood flow and the mechanism of inflammation and coagulation. (16)

One tablespoon to prevent a stroke or heart attack

These two simple ingredients above, lemon and olive oil, should be mixed.

In such a way, they can be a powerful ally for our bodies. For example, they can clean arteries and blood vessels and protect against a possible stroke or heart attack.

So, to make this mixture, put a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and squeeze some fresh lemon into it.

Olive oil and lemon healthy recipe

Eat it in the morning on an empty stomach and at least half an hour before your breakfast. You can eat it before sleep and at least 2-3 hours after a meal.

Final thoughts on how to prevent a stroke or heart attack

This powerful food combination will help cleanse your arteries and blood vessels successfully.

From the first week, you will notice the differences in digestion, intestine improvements, and the increased energy you will have in your day and overall health.

Although the combination of these two foods is healthy, it is best to ask your doctor before consuming it regularly.

Olive oil and lemon can create a strong and perfectly healthy mixture.

It will help clean your arteries and blood vessels and improve proper blood flow.

Did you know this mixture can prevent a stroke or heart attack?

Did you know about the benefits of these two food combinations to our arteries? Have you tried eating them systematically so far?

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