6 Steps to Fall Asleep Fast & The Best Sleep Posture

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We all want to fall asleep fast to rest and relax.

Unfortunately, some people cannot do that.

Knowing the secret to perfect sleep, you can relax, indeed.

You will wake up in the morning cheerful and calm, having rested physically and mentally.


You will now be ready to start your day happily!

Please answer the below questions mentally:

  • Do you sleep well at night?
  • Do you want to rest finally?
  • How do you wake up in the morning? Do you feel more tired than you did before bed?

Reports say we spend an average of 25 years of our lives sleeping.

In fact, good sleep has crucial benefits for our bodies and health. It is not only rejuvenating the body but also allows our brain to function more efficiently.

However, often, you may feel permanently tired, even if you have slept the necessary seven or eight hours.

You may have seen your strengths leave you before you even start your day.

What you need to fall asleep fast and have the perfect sleep

Good sleep is just as important as good nutrition or exercise, even if exercise is just walking or doing yoga.

But poor sleep can significantly affect our brain and memory, as well as hormones, premature aging, weight gain, and stress at work or our day.

When you feel this way, you will discover how to fall asleep and the secrets to perfect sleep.

In addition, a better sleeping posture will help you relax your body to wake up in the morning in a good mood.


Taking care of the perfect sleep

The famous American fitness trainer Craig Ballantyne authored articles for a long time in Men’s Health magazine. (1)

This is one of the largest world editions for men, especially in fitness.

He also published an article on his blog about the steps necessary for perfect sleep.

His most famous program is entitled “Turbulence Training” and concerns weight loss and muscle building. It has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and mentions how important nighttime sleep is in gaining or losing weight and fat.

He created step coordination he called “The 10-3-2-1-0 formula“, to help his readers regain perfect sleep and beautiful mornings.

The goal is physical rest, so they gain well-being during the day and in their work.

Ballantyne found that to get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning, we need to follow a few important steps during our day.


The necessary steps to fall asleep fast

Let us see the 10-3-2-1-0 steps he mentioned and how they promise the perfect sleep and a beautiful awakening to those who follow them.

10 hours before bedtime

  • Avoid caffeine

You should stop drinking any caffeinated beverage ten hours before bedtime.

This is the time it takes for our bodies to clear caffeine from the bloodstream, reduce energy, and cut caffeine’s stimulant effects.

It is well known that caffeine can stimulate our nervous system.

This is a crucial reason our minds cannot relax.

So, 10 hours before bedtime, avoid anything that has caffeine.

For example, coffee, certain types of tea such as green or black tea, cola drinks, energy drinks, and chocolate.

3 hours before bedtime

  • No food or alcohol

Finish your dinner and any large meal or alcoholic drinks three hours before bedtime.

This will help, in the first place, to avoid heartburn, gastric reflux, and, therefore, sleep deprivation.

Alcohol can make you feel drowsy, but it significantly affects the natural sleep cycle.

It also interrupts deep sleep, which is precious for our bodies.

The body also tries to digest foods and alcohol, and it needs time for proper digestion. If you eat or drink alcohol late at night, you feel like you have been working all night when you wake up.

2 hours before bedtime

  • Do not do any work

For two hours before bed, do no housework or homework.

Stop all work-related activities two hours before you go to bed.

In addition, during those hours, try to avoid phone calls, checking emails, reports about your work, or any thoughts about tomorrow or the future.

If there are thoughts about the next day, all you need is a piece of paper and a pen.

Write down what you want to remember for the next day.

Leave the paper on the table or where you will see it at once in the morning and clear your mind of any stressful thoughts.



The best of these two hours before bed is reading a book, listening to music, watching a pleasant movie, talking to your loved ones, or enjoying a relaxing massage.

1 hour before bedtime

  • No more time on the screen

One hour before bed, turn off all phones, TV, or computer.

Avoid all electronic systems and turn off their sound, so it does not cause you any distractions.

The blue light emitted by the screens of electronic systems makes it difficult to relax and fall asleep fast.

Therefore, prefer to do what I mentioned above or whatever else pleases you the most.

0 for waking up in the morning

  • The number of times you press the button to turn off the alarm in the morning

If you wake up by the sound of your watch, and especially the annoying alarm sound, you will be tempted to press the button and turn it off.

It is better not to do this.

Aside from being late for work, sleeping for some extra minutes will make you feel more tired than if you start your day right away.

As an alternative, you can put your alarm clock in another room.

This will make you get up, leave your bed, and take some steps before closing it.
Thus, the body wakes up calmly and gradually.

Sleep well and relax

I could never stand the annoying sound of the alarm clock that was stressing me. So, in recent years, I have set on my favorite music station.

It is so relaxed and calming to wake up in the morning by listening to beautiful melodies.

The extra step to fall asleep fast and get for perfect sleep

The above steps are essential for you to enjoy a calm sleep.

However, there is something else also needed to perfect it:

The right sleeping posture to get even better results.

Sleeping on your back not only helps your overall health, but you will look younger for much longer!

Yes, it is true!

This favorite sleeping posture reduces fine lines and wrinkles because it does not pressure the muscles of our face and neck.

This posture also helps support the breast while avoiding sagging.

At the same time, you relax your spine, neck, and arms, creating less pain in the overall body.

When you follow the above steps, you can enjoy the perfect sleep and wake up calm and refreshed in the morning.

It is worth the effort so you can live a healthy and productive life, removing unnecessary stress.

Bonus! Sleep music to fall asleep fast

Sleep music is relaxing music for good sleep and stress relief.

Watch videos from the natural environment to get a good night’s sleep. Listen to quiet music to sleep, meditate, relax, or even read.

Music has a strong effect on our emotions. When we feel anxious, troubled, or even scared, music can relax us and give us a sense of calm.

Music’s calming effect, especially sleeping music, helps for a night of restful sleep.

Music relieves stress and encourages our body and mind to relax and to reduce stress and fear.

Music for sleeping and relaxation will become an excellent tool for our mind to use directly in our daily lives.

Have you ever tried any of the above steps to fall asleep fast?

Have you ever tried the above techniques? What is your favorite sleeping position?

Please leave your important comment below!

I wish you sweet dreams and always be well! 🙂

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